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Game Overview

Grand Strategy meets Real Time Strategy in Fortune’s Favor. You start with a small group of civilians and are tasked with hunting and gathering before you can settle down and establish your first settlement. From there…

January 2020

January was a busy month for the team. We achieved a lot of our goals behind the scenes, and began quite a lot more that’s…
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December 2019 Recap

Random events occur throughout the game. Some of them are tied to your specific government or religion, but most of them require choices to be…
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November 2019 Recap

Villages help provide niche functions or small military bases that you may not have room for or plan to be in your larger more fortified…
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1. Dynamic Nature

Resource collection and the outcome of battles is influenced by weather, seasons, and geography.

2. Grand Strategy

Government and religious decisions are needed to carefully craft a grand strategy. Start as a nomadic people and explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate!

3. Traditions

Develop a unique culture overtime. As time progresses new traditions will need to be adopted to fit the environment and circumstances.

4. Diplomacy

Establish peaceful relations, build embassies, and forge new agreements and alliances to be one step closer to total victory.

5. Comparative Advantage and Trade

Resource scarcity will ultimately lead to trade or conquest. Focus on producing a resource well and others may sweeten the deal to get a piece of it.

6. An Army Marches on its Stomach

Be careful when sending your army on a march. Without constant resupplying from caravans they will suffer and surely perish.

7. Victory

All strategies are conducted in real time and only through research, government religion, trade, or war can victory be achieved.

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