General Updates

More goodies inbound! Lots of thanks to give last month. We’ve got a fantastic team that is ever growing and improving itself. It’s great to work with them all and we’re thankful for each other!

Now grab something warm to drink (you know I do) and enjoy!

Rough Roadmap

It’s been a long time coming, and our own internal roadmap has changed quite a bit within the last few months as we ironed out better workflows and brought on new team members. We have a few big milestones up ahead, including founding the legal entity behind the project and completing the minimal viable product (MVP). For those of you without a game development background, think of an MVP as a demo shown just to investors and publishers. It’s a vertical slice of the game that gives viewers an understanding of where the rest of the development will go.

The MVP, alongside an outstanding business plan and pitch, will be crucial to our initial funding rounds and financing.

So this begs the question, when will the MVP be completed?

Q1 2020

Does this mean the game will be done?
No. Let me redirect you to the above statement that it’s just a demo for investors and publishers.

Will it be playable to the public?
Same answer as above 🙂

When will the game be released?
That’s to be determined.

What’s the current short term roadmap?
Now this I can answer!

Short-Term Roadmap


Milestone 1

Finalize the foundation aspects of the game. This includes a new UI system, unit AI, building placement, geographical areas, resource collection, etc.


Milestone 2

Create the foundations of our combat system and buffs. This is also when we’ll begin implementing the research, religion, government, and event mechanics.


Milestone 3

Polish the work completed in milestone 2, optimize, and finalize our 30 minute gameplay demo.


Milestone 4

Milestone 4 will in part be a mixture between milestone 3 and our post-MVP work. Most importantly, this is when our first pitches, early marketing, and crowdfunding will be done.


And Beyond!

By this point we’ll be in full production on the game. Expect crowdfunding and marketing on the public front. On the private front we’ll continue with internal playtesting and adding new features and models. Expect a feature based roadmap after the MVP!


New Team Members

We’re happy to say we’ve added on a few new faces! Both Mhemed and Acea have been brought on as a programmers. Mhemed is working on our civilian state system and Acea is fixing up our resource prefabs and working on a new tooltip script! Our largest department, 3D art, is continuously growing. Their newest edition is another character modeler. Nikola has been working on the civilian unit. The 2D art team has also seen some growth. Victor, one of our illustrators, has been promoted to be the 2D Art Director. Very exciting for him and the whole team! Joining him is another illustrator named Martin. He’s working on some super secret illustrations that we can’t wait to show you sometime in the future! The second edition to the 2D art team is James. James is filling in the pivotal role as our icon artist. His work is giving a nice makeover to our outdated placeholder UI.

New staff is always a welcome sight. Expect more updates like this in the future!

New Units!

Not necessarily new, but he has a fresh coat of paint! It’s the Mounted Man-at-arms! He’s been sculpted and textured by Halil – our 3D Art Director.

All cavalry units are the fastest land-based units in the game. Make sure to put their speed and armor to good use!

New Concept Art!

As mentioned last month, Vincent is a relatively new addition to the team. He’s been working hard throughout November on character concept art. His work is very useful to our art team in maintaining a consistent art direction and specifically for our character modelers. There is more where this comes from, but here is a little tease. 🙂

New Building!

The City is not a unique constructable building. Rather, it is an upgrade to the town. Whereas towns can have six buildings within their economic radius, cities can have eight. This small difference can make or break the settlement’s ability to protect itself or push further into its economic niche. Furthermore, for each city that a player holds they increase their Legacy level by one. As mentioned in a previous recap, increasing your Legacy level is the final objective of any match. Cities thus can either be upgraded or taken from other players who have done the work for you. If you wish to upgrade a town to a city you must first research the proper tech within the tech tree.

The Village is a type of player settlement. It is smaller than a town and can not be upgraded. Additionally, it is limited to just two buildings within its economic radius. Unlike the other settlements, its strength lies on in the ability for it to built tall, but rather as an outlet for a faction to build wide. Typically, although this depends on the exact route a player takes along the tech tree, a player may build twice as many villages as they can towns. In a sense, they are the bread and butter of any faction. They help provide niche functions or small military bases that you may not have room for or plan to be in your larger more fortified areas.

Their small nature and location on the fringe of a faction’s borders does leave them ripe for raiding or even conquest. Although losing a single village is not entirely problematic, it could lead to a tidal wave of defeat as the enemy inches closer and closer into the heartland. Protecting these border lands is in every player’s best interest. Not just for the people who live there, but for the larger settlements they support.

New Icons!

We’ve opted to go for a simplistic approach to building icons. Rather than having images of the buildings themselves we are going for objects or symbols that encapsulate the essence behind the building. What this means is better readability and staying true to our desired minimalist user interface and user experience. Thanks to James the UI is slowly shaping up to fit this direction!

Note that the icons below are for our western region medieval age UI. Eventually each region and age will have its own unique icons and design. Not included below are our work-in-progress background colors. They will be as follows: yellow is for civic buildings, green is for agricultural buildings, blue is for economic buildings, and red is for military buildings. We’re only sharing a few of them here, but stay tuned for the whole rework that’s coming soon!

From left to right
Town, farm, granary, housing, corral, and practice range.

Quite an artful month. Here’s to next month and even more goodies we’ll have to share. In the meanwhile, follow us on facebook and twitter and chat with us over on discord!

P.S. enjoy this extra piece titled “Mr. BucketHead’s Death Ballet.”

– TheIronTyrant