December 2019 Recap

General Updates

Lots of behind the scenes work has been going on throughout the month of December and early January. The team has had a lot of fun working on the game, but also had a chance to take a break and spend time with friends and family.

Now let’s get down to business!

5 x 5 Event

If you haven’t heard, we applied to be given the chance to pitch at a local startup event. This event, titled 5×5, gives five people only five minutes to pitch why their idea is worthy of the five thousand dollar prize.

There are only 5 days left to vote! Your vote gives us the chance to be one of those 5 groups that pitches. With our winnings, we would hire a small business attorney and become a legal entity with the State of Michigan, file trademarks with the USPTO and hire an employer attorney in order to create contracts and ensure tax compliance with our overseas employees. Additionally, we would purchase quickbooks, JIRA (for project management), another domain, a new website, and quadruple the storage on our server.

Please click the link and share it with friends and family. We appreciate all of the support we’ve received so far and we’re so close to making it in. Let’s keep it up!

Vote here:

New Unit!

The crossbowman is one of a small handful of ranged units in the player’s arsenal. However, the crossbowman is unique to the Medieval age and takes the slot of the skirmisher from the previous ages. Compared with other ranged units, the crossbowman has medium range but high lethalty. So keep your army far away, unless you are sure you can overwhelm them.

Once again, the unit is brought to you by the mighty Halil!

The Letter of the Day

The letter of the day is “D” for DESTRUCTION. Aaron had lots of fun rigging and animating the deaths of these poor sailors.

Note that these animations are still a work in progress. More tweaks need to be made, namely to the rope rigging on the galley model. However, even at this stage they are making me really want to destroy some ships!


Fishing Boat

More Unit Icons

As mentioned in the last recap, we’ve opted for a manuscript style UI design for the Western region during the Medieval Age. Quick reminder that each age and region will have it’s own UI.

Thankfully for us all, James gave us the gift of finished building icons in December. Even better, he’s been hard at work cranking out the unit icons. Feast your eyes on their beautiful faces!

Random Events

Fortune’s Favor takes a note out of the grand strategy playbook with the events mechanic. Random events occur throughout the game. Some of them are tied to your specific government or religion, but most of them require choices to be made. These choices have outcomes which are often tied to other decisions that you’ve made throughout the game. So choose wisely.

Martin, one of our 2D artists, perfectly illustrates one of our more passive events, the Spiritual Leader. It is up to you to decide whether or not to embrace the teachings in order to not upset their following, or to condemn the teachings as heresy! The choice is yours, but either path my prove more treacherous than you think!

Miscellaneous Updates

Among all of the visual updates are also some behind the scenes work. The design and programming teams have been hard at work with a new comprehensive mechanics document which includes an in-depth look at everything the game has to offer (stats, hotkeys, hierarchies and all). Although we had a similar document before, we found that it was not as in-depth or as navigable as we would have liked it to be. Our workflow has been smoothed out quite a lot with the updated documentation.

Other behind the scenes work includes our early steps into our own visual effects and shaders. We’ve created our own shader which will allow for vertex painting and another shader which dynamically applies snow to the whichever angle we specify with controls for the accumulation rate, gradient noise, and how much the model’s height map influences the snow distribution. Once this system is more refined we’ll be sure to showcase it in a future recap!

To top it all off, we’re finally on instagram! So if facebook or twitter aren’t your cup of tea, or you could use more updates from yours truly, give us a follow over there.

Here’s to the new year and the many more recaps to come!