June 2019 Recap

General Updates

With the advent of summer came the sun’s indifferent blaze and unforgiving heat. Fortunately for the team we have the luxury of modern fan technology and ice cream to help us cope.

Wherever you are, whether it’s excruciatingly warm, or cold, you will fair better from the elements than your armies or villagers will in Fortune’s Favor.

Victory Conditions

Victory conditions, although not the flashiest or most eye-catching game mechanic are certainly the most important – It is the reason why many people play games after all. Thankfully for Fortune’s Favor, there are many ways to become victorious.

The first player to reach a level 5 Legacy wins the game. Legacy is the mark your civilization made on the world politically, militarily, economically, or culturally. Broken down simply, there are 4 ways to increase your Legacy.

-Civic Objectives
-City Development

For every 20% of the map that your borders cover your Legacy will increase by one level.

Certain late game technology, like Anatomy, will grant you another level in Legacy.

As for Civic Objectives, they are political goals of your specific administration or regime. By completing these you prove your civilization is stable and structurally sound enough to take a plan and realize it to its final achievement. For each Civic Objective completed you will add to your Legacy by an additional level.

Most important to any civilization is the growth of its industrial and urban areas. As your people grow you will unlock the ability to upgrade your towns to cities. This change will not merely be a cosmetic one, but instead will allow for more construction and grant you another Legacy point. Alternatively, you could take the warpath and gain a point by conquering an opponent’s city.

More interesting than the number or type, is the fact that you can mix them in anyway you choose.

Modeling Team

The modeling team has had a massive overhaul and seen the inclusion of several new team members. Additionally, we’ve establish material libraries and reference sheets which will help speed up production and maintain consistency between all of the game’s assets. Although we don’t have any new models to showcase, the team has been very active in establishing a solid workflow that should add to next month’s goodies.

More Placeholders

Showcased below is a Medieval sergeant. Keep in mind that the gambeson’s tan color is a neutral color and instead would have patterns and player color accents. This is a great looking placeholder and will serve its purpose. However, due to our placeholder tools we are limited with what we can include, so many of the details which we would love for this model to have will have to be saved for the game ready replacement.

Concept Art

Along with the influx of new 3d modelers, we’ve made a concerted effort to utilize more concept art and reference sheets to help our modelers. Presently our concept art consists of the game icon on the left and quick sketches on the right. We are currently looking to add one or two dedicated concept artists who will continue this practice with even more detail and variations.

Main Menu Flow

You may have seen this mentioned in one of our social media pages, but here’s the in-depth look. Prior to any in-game UI/UX development, it is imperative that a flowchart is created in order for the artists and programmers to understand the design and functionality. Recently we’ve begun using a new tool which allows our devs to interact with the design as if it were a program. This tool will allow us to iterate our UI/UX development more seamlessly.

This is one of the more boring phases in game development (early production). Thank you for sticking with the team as we grow, work out the kinks, and get that development ball rolling one more step. Due to the solid groundwork we’ve been doing the past few months, July and August should have a lot more in store to share!

– TheIronTyrant