July 2019 Recap

General Updates

Over the last few months the team has continued to grow in both numbers and experience. While the programmers and game designers have been working behind the scenes, the rest of the crew have been getting familiar with each other, our tools, and fine-tuning their workflows.

It was a great month and we have some exciting things to share!

Character Models

Last month our character modelers created the base character mesh. This month they’ve been using the base mesh to sculpt high poly swordsman and spearman models as well as retopologizing them for the game ready low poly versions.

Keep in mind these models are not complete, and we aren’t ready to show all of it yet, but below are the current work-in-progress helmet and swordsman models. More mesh detail and texture detail will be added before the model is finished.

They deserve a round of applause for the great work they’ve done!

Primitives Showcase

Although these are certainly not the final building models, they are crucial for both the programmers and the building modelers. For the programmers they finally have perfectly scaled and representative models for each of the buildings to test building placement and the building mechanic (instead of the square gray boxes we had before). The modelers also benefit from the scale and representation and will help them realize the buildings completed version more easily.

Props to you if you can guess what each of these buildings are! 🙂

Mountain Prefabs

In general, prefabs are perfect clones that can be easily placed and replicated while editing one can be used to edit all of the same type. Our level designers have set up 21 mountain prefabs that should allow them to quickly drag and drop any of them into a level. This should make the level design process easily and allow for player made custom maps somewhere down the line.

Currently, these mountains are each separate terrains. The engine already uses terrain LODs and other optimization techniques, however, this is not the best way of doing prefabs from a performance perspective. Expect the 3D modelers to create separate models that will replace the current mountain prefabs.

New Building!

The granary is fundamental to your civilization’s success. They hold food that your civilians harvest and store it throughout the year. The medieval version, modeled below, is a windmill that both stores the food and uses the energy generated through the turning blades to move gears and the internal grinder. Keep these safe from enemy hands or else face starvation among your people.

The models above are work-in-progresses and many of the textures shown have been altered to be more detailed and changed to better suit other buildings currently in development.

Main Menu

Last month we showcased the main menu UI/UX flowmap. This month the UI designers have begun making the flowmap a reality. Below is the current work-in-progress single player menu. Note that all textures, colors, fonts, etc. are subject to change and are not indicative of the final menu.

Production is in full swing! We hope you enjoyed our little teases and we look forward to sharing more of our progress next month. As always, come chat with us about the RTS and grand strategy genres as well as history over on our discord.

– TheIronTyrant