August 2019 Recap

General Updates

It’s about that time again! We’ve got a fair few bit of goodies to share with you this month. So sit back, relax, grab your beverage of choice and when you’re all set and finished come give us some love on our twitter or facebook pages.


Updated Icons / HUD Update

The time of placeholders is still upon us and the UI and icons are no exception. However, they have been given a face lift and are continuously being iterated upon. Once we have a solid look and feel that we’re going for the UI art direction will move towards a more final product. Below is our current iteration -it is certainly our best so far- as well as some of the icons that were updated.

New Placeholder Models

As mentioned in a previous monthly recap, we’re using adobe fuse (as well as some custom clothing) to make our placeholder character models. These are by no means indicative of how the final models will look as the hair, materials, and clothing are very limited.

Despite this, we’re finally getting around to adding in some more placeholder character models. This will allow our programmers to have even more models to play with as they implement more gameplay elements.

Below you’ll see (from top to bottom and from left to right) a leader, a scholar, a missionary, and a spy. I wonder what they’re all used for…

Character Materials

The 3D Art Director (Odunov) is at it again with some great custom materials made in substance designer. These will be used on our in-house character models that will be replacing the aforementioned placeholder models. These are looking great and we’ll have more to come in the future!

New Buildings!

The storehouse is another basic, yet crucial, building. It is used to store wood, stone, and metal resources as well as your armies’ supplies. Caravans can be trained here and will be necessary to load and unload supplies from the storehouse to the battlefield. An army marches on its stomach, so keep them supplied or face the consequences!

The farm is one of three sources of food within Fortune’s Favor. Although winter kills your crops and prevents your civilians from tilling and sowing the field, the farm is the only food source that is infinite. They can be placed only by fresh water (lakes, rivers, and creeks) which makes these areas prime for your first settlement.

River valley civilizations anyone?

Each model has different build stages that show the player how far the building is along in the construction process. We are also developing destruction stages which increasingly become more dilapidated as damage is taken.

Day and Night Cycle!

Implemented a bit earlier than originally planned, the day and night cycle adds a lot to the game’s atmospheric and dynamic lighting. More than just an aesthetic, night time allows for you to more easily conceal your units in order to perform covert actions.

Be wary of enemy spies!

Now it’s time to get back to work! We’ve got plenty of models, a new map, and some gameplay to flesh out.

– TheIronTyrant