September 2019 Recap

General Updates

Annnnnnndddd here comes another one! Back again with another recap at what we’ve been doing over the past month. Definitely some cool stuff to share and many more coming in the future. Grab something warm to drink any enjoy!

Fall Cleaning

Who said cleaning was just for springtime? Management is switching up a few things internally which should reflect in the coming months in our future recaps. Another change has to do with our social media. We’ve been fairly quiet, unintentionally so, and that will change with the start of a few new initiatives. The first big change will be weekly tips. Stay tuned to our social media and our discord every Tuesday where it’ll be Tip Tuesday!

Textured Swordsman!

Odunov continues to put a lot of work into our swordsman model. Although it is our first official internal model (as apposed to our adobe fuse models which are placeholders), it is helping to determine the exact character modeling workflow as well as helping us develop a shared material library. What does this mean? It means that in the future characters will be produced more consistently and with some work already paved thanks to the head of our 3D department.

Not to mention, he does a great job with the texturing and modeling.

P.S. It is okay to drool a little. We did.

New Buildings!

Housing is exactly what it sounds like. A house. Although modest, a simple house increases your population limit. Thus, in order to build a stronger economy or a powerful military, you must first ensure they have proper shelter.

Note: There are no differences between the housing variants. They are merely cosmetic differences. Additionally, our props are still in production and are missing from both the housing models and the new building that will be discussed below.


1st Variant


2nd Variant


3rd Variant

The town is the starting building for any civilization. Once it is built you may have up to six buildings within it’s economic radius. Although this cap may seam to hamper your growth, it requires you to think carefully where you will place your settlements and which town’s you’ll care to upgrade to be cities.

Furthermore, this restriction adds another level of scarcity which will force players to specialize both their resource production and the primary focus of each settlement.

Although this recap is shorter than usual, we have plenty more models and features that we’re working on. Stay tuned, spread the word, and look forward to the Tuesday Tips over on our social media! 🙂

– TheIronTyrant