You start with a small group of civilians and are tasked with hunting and gathering before you can settle down and establish your first settlement. From there, you grow your people from a small town to a sprawling city with many surrounding villages.

Geography, as well as the location of resources, will determine when and where you expand. Throughout this expansion process you will be faced with internal and external problems which can come from the various fate events that occur or from other players.

Be sure to manage your resources in tandem with government and religious development. Your path is your own and can be fit to your play style or to match any unfolding circumstances.

You can attempt to conquer all of the other players, surpass them in technology, out produce them economically, prove that your civilization is more powerful by completing civic objectives, or sit back and use agents and covert operations in order to disrupt other players from winning!

Research and civic objectives can be completed to reach a peaceful victory, or you can take the path of war. But be wary, a lack of forethought can lead a starving army to be defeated in an unforgiving landscape.

Just as history is a story (or rather many individual stories with grander arks) this game too will have a unique story for each player every time they play.

In one game you might overcome a civil war in order to overthrow an evil monarch and become a thriving republic.

In another you might have all out war against a more powerful player but succeed by harassing their supply lines and exploiting the terrain and weather conditions.

Furthermore, you could lose a game by being overrun by hostile invasions from the game itself! Even the most peaceful player will require garrisons or walls for their settlements to protect themselves from what lurks beyond the game’s borders!

The title pays homage to the Roman notion of Fortune and its role in the mythos of Rome’s history and culture. Taking on the same name as the goddess, the game requires a masterful plan to both compete with other players and deal with the chaos of ruling a civilization.

You will certainly not win or lose by luck alone, but by Fortune’s Favor you may just get that opportune moment to fulfill your goal and become one step closer to winning the game.

Take care, or be bold, but either path you choose you shall always hope for Fortune’s Favor.