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January 2020

January was a busy month for the team. We achieved a lot of our goals behind the scenes, and began quite a lot more that’s still in progress and not ready to be shown. This month might feel a bit light, but rest assured we’ve got a lot in the…

December 2019 Recap

Random events occur throughout the game. Some of them are tied to your specific government or religion, but most of them require choices to be made.

November 2019 Recap

Villages help provide niche functions or small military bases that you may not have room for or plan to be in your larger more fortified areas.

October 2019 Recap

Proximity to the coast will be very valuable for seafaring people. Fish can be gathered by Fishing Boats. Once full, the fishing boat brings the fish back to the nearest shipyard where it will be stored.

September 2019 Recap

think carefully where you will place your settlements and which town’s you’ll care to upgrade to be cities. Furthermore, this restriction adds another level of scarcity

August 2019 Recap

The storehouse is another basic, yet crucial, building. It is used to store wood, stone, and metal resources as well as your armies’ supplies. Caravans can be trained here and will be necessary to load and unload supplies from the storehouse to the battlefield. An army marches on its stomach,…

July 2019 Recap

The granary is fundamental to your civilization’s success. They hold food that your civilians harvest and store it throughout the year. The medieval version, modeled below, is a windmill that both stores the food and uses the energy generated through the turning blades to move gears and the internal grinder.…

June 2019 Recap

Victory conditions, although not the flashiest or most eye-catching game mechanic are certainly the most important – It is the reason why many people play games after all. Thankfully for Fortune’s Favor, there are many ways to become victorious.

Fortune’s Favor: An overview

You start with a small group of civilians and are tasked with hunting and gathering before you can settle down and establish your first settlement. From there, you grow your people from a small town to a sprawling city with many surrounding villages.

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